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**YOUNGTREE PLUS THREE (presented by The East): Stay Tuned for Season 2!**


July 16 -Youngtree Plus Three w/ Paige Penney, Malia Rogers, and Rory Taillon (Season Finale)

July 2 - Youngtree Plus Three w/ Jeff Cook, Rachel Raditz, and Paul Brace

June 18 - Youngtree Plus Three w/ Sherry Ryan, Benjamin Vallée, and Blue Lobelia

June 4  - Youngtree Plus Three w/ Alicia Toner, Ian Foster and Colin Fowlie

May 21 - Youngtree Plus Three w/ Michael S Ryan, Derina Harvey, & Clare Follett

May 8 - Youngtree Plus Three w/ Rachel Beck, Mallory Johnson, & Adam Baxter

April  25 - Youngtree Plus Three w/ Tara MacLean, Nick Earle, & Ethan Ash

April  10 -Youngtree Plus Three w/ Max Marshall, Kendra Gale, & Kristen Martell

*For a more thorough list of touring and live performances, see past shows

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