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Exclaim! magazine compared Youngtree's sound to late-60’s Dylan and Gram Parsons, but labels fit him loosely. Youngtree & The Blooms can liven up a room as reliably as they can rouse those pin-drop moments in otherwise noisy crowds. Recipient of the Ron Hynes Songwriter of the Year award and Alternative Artist of the Year (MusicNL, 2020) Youngtree and The Blooms, with producer Chris Kirby, throw Country-Folk into a fire to produce a “very impressive, very interesting debut album” (CBC).

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Peter Willie Youngtree has a rare ability. With every performance, he brings his audience “in” — befriending them over the course of a song, a set, an evening. It’s a manner that came about through his upbringing, inherited from a large family of folk musicians in rural Newfoundland. His gripping performances reliably rouse those 'pin drop' moments in otherwise clamorous bars and freeze the applause of theatre audiences who find themselves suspended in a powerful silence on which his songs often land.

" A solid country-rock band fronted by an insane preacher-man poet"

Craig Mills, Eastern Passage

"Beautiful, vividly written songs"

Vish Khanna, Exclaim!

Youngtree’s talents garnered him MusicNL’s 2016 Country Recording of the Year award for his debut, Country Hymns. Though the label of “country" fits too loosely upon Youngtree's songbook. A sound of his own, with self-professed influences ranging from Patsy Cline to Megadeth, his work has drawn comparisons to “late 60’s Dylan, Gram Parsons, and Eric Bachmann" (Vish Khanna, Exclaim!). His range of writing craft and musical style has made him a fine on-stage fit with the likes of Canadian Folk icon Jennifer Castle and international touring artist Pamela Morgan, as well as within a song-writing session with Crash Test Dummies' Brad Roberts. In 2017, Youngtree attracted in-demand producer Chris Kirby, as well as four career musicians who now make up Youngtree & The Blooms.   In November 2018 they released their first album, Musical Chairs, to resounding acclaim – with the song “Ten Million Ways to Decay” featured as one of The East magazine's "best tracks of the year.”

"Very Impressive"

CBC East Coast Music Hour

"Truly leaves a lasting impression"

The East Magazine

Youngtree has made his way around eastern and upper Canada since 2015, moving from coffee houses and bars to theatres, festivals, and conferences. Energetic, talented, and intensely passionate about songwriting and performance, Youngtree appears willing to take his career just about anywhere. “Traveling the world, connecting with people through music and storytelling, sharing myself with audiences – that’s been my dream for most of my life,” he says. “I enjoy every bit of it.”


Ten Million Ways to Decay

She Found Me - Live at Rocket Room

Bio by Chad Griffiths

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