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Do you love Youngtree & The Blooms? Do you want to support the band's touring, radio promotion, and future recordings? This product is for you! Youngtree & The Blooms are investing in some big things in 2023, and you can support that investment by purchasing this item as many times as you want... Feel free to buy 2 or 20!


This is an unpublished photo of Youngtree, taken by Em Oates during the photo shoot for the Youngtree and The Blooms album. By purchasing this digital photo, you're saying: "I really believe in this band and I want to help them reach new heights!" And you'll have a cool, high-quality black and white photo of Youngtree that you can't get anywhere else.


(Yes, this is essentially a donation to support the band. We don't really do NFTs... in fact, we don't even know what they are!)

Digital photo of Youngtree (black and white, unpublished)

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