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Get BOTH Youngtree & The Blooms CDs, Musical Chairs vinyl, and two hand-printed posters, all signed by Youngtree and personally delivered to your door (in St. John's metro region only)*. Signatures can be personalized, too! See full list of items below.


*Note: Due to high shipping costs, these items cannot be shipped at this price. Please do not order this product if it requires shipping. See other products for shipping outside St. John's metro region. Thanks!


Youngtree and The Blooms CD, signed (October 2022)

Musical Chairs CD, signed (November 2018)

Musical Chairs Vinyl, signed (November 2018)

She Wolf hand-printed poster, signed (based on lyrics from 'She Found Me')

Your Seat Will Be Taken hand-printed poster, signed (based on lyrics from 'Musical Chairs')

Youngtree Signed Bundle (for St. John's metro region)

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