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Get BOTH Youngtree & The Blooms CDs, Musical Chairs vinyl, and two hand-printed posters, all signed by Youngtree. Signatures can be personalized, too! See full list of items below.


*Note: If you live in the St. John's metro area, you can have this delivered personally for a total price of $99. See online store for details.


Youngtree and The Blooms CD, signed (October 2022)

Musical Chairs CD, signed (November 2018)

Musical Chairs Vinyl, signed (November 2018)

She Wolf hand-printed poster, signed (based on lyrics from 'She Found Me')

Your Seat Will Be Taken hand-printed poster, signed (based on lyrics from 'Musical Chairs')

Youngtree Signed Bundle (for shipping outside St. John's area)

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